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April 21, 2019

Not Everyone Needs To Like You

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As you could imagine, it is important some people are well-liked, and this is something I struggled with for a long time as well. It took me a few years and some major realizations for me to overcome this feeling, and I want to share a bit about what that process is like.

The first thing I had to realize is some people just don’t mix, and it’s no fault of your own. People aren’t always compatible, and it’s important to understand and accept that.

The second thing I had to realize is when thinking about the opinions of others, think hard about if that person’s approval is something that is really important to you. Is the person that doesn’t support your message someone you want to dedicate that much energy to in your life?

And lastly, what is most important is that you like you. The only person that you spend every moment of every day with is yourself, and that’s the person you need to take care of the most.

So, if someone doesn’t like you, what does that mean? Well, think about the reason why that might be. Is it jealousy? Is it because you did them wrong? Determining the cause of the disagreement, and how you feel about the nature of it, will help you think more about how important it is. If you aren’t proud of something and want to reconcile a situation, then it likely is important to think about how to make this person like you. But if it’s something that you feel confident in, then maybe it’s best they’re kept at arms distance.

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