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January 14, 2019

"New Year, New Me" No More with Kim Kaupe

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Now that we are deep into the New Year, and we have some of our resolutions and goals in effect, it’s important to think about what that means for us.  Sure, the New Year serves as good motivation to start working toward something that is important to you, but then what does that mean for how you used to spend your time last year? I’m sure there was a lot of good that happened. And that’s what Kim Kaupe, the CEO of The Superfan Company is sharing with us in this video.

So,we’re not working on a new version of ourselves, we are expanding upon the framework we have already built, and finding areas for improvement. Everything about is makes us who we are, and it is extremely important to acknowledge and appreciate the person you have become. Thanks to Kim, we won’t lose sight of that.

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