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November 6, 2019

"Never forget those who helped you along your way."

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Despite setbacks, struggle, challenges, and defeat, we have made progress. It might not always feel like it, and sometimes it doesn’t look like it, but we are truly farther along in our journey right now than ever before. It is important we give credit to the factors that helped us make that progress first. We should be grateful for their contribution toward our lives, but second, because they’re some of the same things that will be required to get to the next step.

As human beings, it is built into our DNA to need others for our survival and proliferation. Matter of fact, I recently learned that homo sapiens were close to going extinct until they began working together. That need and requirement is no different today, but it takes a different form. 

It’s everything beyond survival. We need others to do more at work, raise kids, find joy, run errands, and provide motivation. There are many people behind every success you have and it’s through them you could breakthrough the next frontier.

There is one small point of complexity. There are those people who helped you along your way, because they didn’t support you. That’s a reminder that you are capable and you are enough as an individual. Although it’s so much better when we can work together, sometimes other people’s inaction helps you get where you need to go as well.

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