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March 5, 2021

Narrow Your Focus with Tammy Tibbetts

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As it relates to the work you do, you need to spend time applying certain skills. In relationships you can only make time for so many people. In service, there is only so much you can do to counteract the inequities you see in the world.

That's where Tammy Tibbetts, founder of the international women’s rights and advocacy non-profit She’s the First, comes in. Tammy has made a huge difference in her life and career but only when she narrowed her focus and began applying her resources in a specific way.

If you don’t concentrate your resources on a few things then it’s very possible they will be diluted among many things, and not really move the needle. As Tammy said, just because you pick something small doesn't mean you’re neglecting everything else… it’s important that you feel aligned with where your resources are going so that you can play your role in the change you wish to see, and have faith that others will serve alongside you to fill in the other gaps you see.

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