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December 22, 2022


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Let’s go back to one of the most ancient and profound traditions in the history of mankind - Hinduism. A defining expression featured in the Vedas, one of the core tenets of Hinduism, has shaped human behavior for thousands of years. And that term is “Namaste”

In essence, “Namaste” is a greeting, but the depth of the greeting is so much more than just a simple “hello”. It goes beyond acknowledging someone’s physical presence and communicates the presence of their soul. “Namaste” has evolved over time to mean “the light in me honors the light in you.”

That’s what’s really happening when we say “hello” to someone else. Each person is bringing their full story to each moment, and that needs to be recognized. Unfortunately we don’t naturally see the world in that amount of depth because we’re too occupied with everything else going on, and it’s not a priority.

But this is what it means to be more present with people. It’s not just about being there physically, but to be attuned and available emotionally and spiritually with them as well. “Namaste” is a simple reminder that there’s so much more to the encounter than meets the eye.

I recently had an experience that relates to this concept. I attended an event through Heroic, a personal development platform I lean on for my own growth, and we started the event with a connection exercise. After the initial awkwardness of allowing yourself to see and be seen by others, we were able to reach that next level of connection. It was “Namaste”. I felt genuine love and appreciation for people who were complete strangers, giving them all the love I had ad celebrating them as if they were family. It was a remarkable experience.

I share all of that to show how this is already within us. We’re more than capable of tapping into a deeper sense of richness and connection to others, but we hardly get to engage in it. But with a little more intention you can add a lot of quality to your life!

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