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March 1, 2022

Muscle Memory

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Muscle memory is our body knowing what to do without having to think about it. More technically it’s a form of procedural memory where you encode a specific motor task as a memory that you can reproduce. The term ‘muscle memory’ suggests that your body is responsible for invoking the behavior, but muscles are just tools for our brain. The motor cortex of the brain sends signals to our muscles which, through a complex process involving neurotransmitters and ion gradients, creates muscle contraction and ultimately movement. All that to say, whatever it is that’s happening autonomically originates in the brain and not the body.

So let’s make the connection here. Muscle memory involves being able to do complicated movements without much effort or focus. And these movements originate in the brain and not the body. Muscle memory is simply a behavior pattern that exists in your subconscious.

In this way, muscle memory is perfect evidence for what we discussed in the 3 Secrets To Master Self Discipline Masterclass. Through consistent repetition, which is accomplished through discipline, you can create subconscious patterns that start working for you. Imagine if you could use that same power to be more consistent with your exercise, self-care, reading, and other habits that you know are best for you? That is possible when you take action in a way that intentionally affirms the subconscious identity of who you want to be. More on all of that in the Masterclass!

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