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March 4, 2022

Moment By Moment

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Our lives are run by the clock. We have meetings and appointments booked at certain times of day, times when we like to do certain things or complete certain tasks… And it’s all important because it allows us to be effective in our collaboration with other people, and ultimately accomplish more overall. However, this emphasis on using time so rigidly has some unexpected consequences.

As a result we tend to see our activity in chunks. Spend an hour here, take a few minutes there, allocate a few days to complete this. While times helps to provide focus it really distracts from what is most important, which is what we’re doing in the moment. The only thing you can control is what’s happening right now, and sometimes we lose sight of that.

When it comes to truly pursuing and becoming the best version of ourselves, it shouldn’t be about looking back at the end of the day and seeing how you did. It should be about evaluating your performance moment by moment. In that way you’re accountable to being your best self in everything you do rather than looking back at a trend of how you did in general. It’s often uncomfortable to do because you’ll notice moments where you take shortcuts, or step outside of your integrity. It’s easier to dilute those experiences within the full day, but that is the greatest opportunity for growth. 

Do what you want to do, the way you want to do it, all the time. Now that’s a standard of excellence! There’s nowhere to hide and you’ll face off with the reality of who you are in all circumstances. Let me finish by asking you this - What values do you want to hold every minute of every day?

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