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June 28, 2022

Make Your Minutes Fat

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In Jenna Kutcher's new book “How Are You, Really?” she talks about spending fat minutes. I’m not asking you to eat as much as you can in 60 seconds, instead I’m inviting you to add more juice and richness to the way you spend your time.

Something that is sorely missing in today’s society is being present. With our smartphones never beyond arms reach, we are constantly vulnerable to getting distracted and pulled away from what we’re doing. This means that we’re constantly switching tasks and don’t allow ourselves to fully sink into the things that we’re doing. This is because of something called attention residue, which is this idea that we stay preoccupied with what we were previously paying attention to for much longer than we’d like. So instead of doing one thing with 100% focus and attention, at any given moment we’re doing 5-10 things at once, leaving us with 10-20% of focus application. That’s simply not good enough.

To make your minutes fat is to really let time feel like it’s stretching because you’re so engrossed in every detail. It’s to create moments of hyper-presence so that you extract all of the beauty around you. This is doing deep work in a task, in conversation with someone, or enjoying time to yourself like a walk outside. Pack those minutes with so much juice and sauce and richness that it makes you feel like you’re getting so much more than you usually do.

This is more of a practice and process than something that you can immediately adjust about your life, but a few ways you can be more present are to disconnect from technology more often, limit how much you’re choosing to multi-task, and pausing throughout the day to be more observant of what’s around you. It’s a mindfulness practice, and the happier and fatter you can make your minutes, the happier and fatter you’ll make your life.

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