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February 23, 2023

“Make it a habit to brighten someone’s day.”

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As we pursue becoming the best version of ourselves, it’s very important that we think about the habits that we are building. Simply put - Habits are just a routine way of doing things. It’s the brain's shortcut to executing a certain task without your awareness so that you can reserve your energy for more meaningful things.

Habits are more operating more broadly and diversely than you might realize. Sure, habits are about getting consistent doing certain things like meditating, exercising, or making your bed, but some habits are more subtle and less observable, like your patterned way of thinking (aka your mindset). You can be in the habit of seeing the best in a situation, or the habit of receiving failure as a lesson and an opportunity for growth.

So with all of that in mind, and to share today’s positivity quote - “Make it a habit to brighten someone’s day.” 

All that means is you consistently and naturally make an effort to play a supportive role in other people’s lives. I do this very intentionally. As part of my morning routine I send a voice note of gratitude and encouragement to someone in my life. It makes me feel really good to receive these messages, so I figure if I can take 30 seconds to make someone else feel good, it’s always worth it.

What’s really impactful about this simple, intentional habit is the way that is has shifted my psychology. Over time, making the choice every day to brighten someone's day has shifted my identity. While the morning routine is very conscious and deliberate, this energy of genuine encouragement and appreciation carries into my other interactions. 

This has instilled within me a habit of appreciating and acknowledging the good in people. This has become so natural to me and now it's a normal part of my personality, which is in alignment with who I’ve determined is the best version of myself and how I want to show up for others.

As a side note - The exact same thing happened with gratitude. The deliberate action of daily gratitude journaling shifted my mindset so significantly that I naturally default to seeing the good in the world.

I share my own experience about this with the hopes that a tangible example will help you commit to doing the core behaviors that will transform your mindset and life. And it all starts with one action, one step, right now. So send this article to someone you care about, tell them you’re thinking about them and that you want the best for them.

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