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January 13, 2023

Lift Each Other As We Climb

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If you're someone who is ambitious, who wants to achieve a lot in life and create amazing abundance for themself, then pay close attention to this. John Assaraf has a philosophy that we should “lift each other as we climb”.

Picture yourself climbing the ladder of success. You find yourself climbing up and reaching new heights you’ve never reached before. You even see yourself start to pass people on the path. It may be tempting to leave them behind, because that’s energy and focus that you could use for your own ascension. But the best thing for you to do in the moment is to actually help people when you can, even when it is inconvenient, and there are 3 reasons why.

Reason #1 - It will actually create more value for you. Pat Flynn has a quote that goes “the universe has this amazing way of giving to those who serve first.” Call it Karma, call it collective consciousness, but what’s undeniable is the pattern that those who take care of others are taken care of themselves. 

Every time you help someone you make a deposit. You make an investment big or small, in the success or well-being of someone else. What happens to that investment is that it grows to a much larger amount without you even knowing it. Eventually, that new multiplied amount finds its way back to you in indirect ways, adding value to your life that you didn’t know you were missing.

This transitions into reason #2 - You never know when you’re going to need help yourself. That ladder is steep and it’s tiring and sometimes, it’s going to bend in ways that you aren’t capable of navigating yourself. When you help others you become more willing to receive help yourself. This is abundance, knowing that things don’t exist in conflict with each other but in synergy. The more deposits you placed in others, the bigger the pot of value is that you can pull from when you need it. Everyone needs help and you can invest in getting the support you need, when you need it, by being of service now.

And then reason #3 - When you get to the top, who are you going to enjoy it with? The fulfillment you feel when you reach your goals will feel much emptier if you’re alone. By lifting people as you climb, you’ll find more people were able to make it to the top alongside you, and you can celebrate with them. At the end of the day, isn’t it all about your happiness anyway? The mentality of “do it at all costs” is flawed because there doesn’t need to be costs. You can enjoy the journey and the destination when you do it the right way, which is by being of service and lifting as you climb.

The thought parallels the profound African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Teamwork makes the dream work. You don’t need to do it alone, and you’ll want people around you to enjoy it with. So the next time someone extends a hand asking for help, lift them up as you climb.

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