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September 27, 2022

Life Alchemy

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An alchemist is someone who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. Historically this skill was used to create potent cures to rare diseases, making valuable metals out of random raw materials, or more specifically how Jesus is said to have turned water into wine. While you might not believe you have these magical abilities yourself, you absolutely do have a version of it. We’re all capable of life alchemy and shaping our reality into whatever form we choose.

One of the most powerful forces for living a fulfilling and purposeful life is choice. We make decisions and choose what we invest our time into. We make big life choices that shape our environment and direct our lives in certain ways. But most importantly we have the choice to determine how we want to perceive certain situations. 

Just because something happened does not guarantee the end result. It’s simply the beginning of your perception of the event. You have the opportunity to decide how you want to make meaning of the things that happen to you. Did you pour yourself into something only to fail miserably? That could discourage you and cause you to quit, or it can be seen as exactly the lesson you needed when you needed it. 

There are multiple ways to perceive any situation, and that’s life alchemy. It’s shaping the events of your life so that you can tell the story you want about it. And as long as you have a clear picture of what success authentically looks like to you, then you can start making that a reality by seeing everything that happens to you as a support to materializing it.

The way your mind makes meaning of things is very complex that involves past experiences, beliefs, emotions, and a lot of other things. It takes a lot of self-growth to truly alchemize the life of your dreams from the events that happen within it. But want to know where to start? Say thank you. Any time something happens, good or bad, say thank you. This injects gratitude into every area of your life and positions you to receive everything in a positive and supportive way. With these two words, you become a life alchemist.

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