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December 28, 2022

Less Is More

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There’s an expression that we’ve come to accept is true but I don’t think we’ve truly ventured to think about why that is. It’s the idea that "less is more". How can that be possible? Literally less is the opposite of more... So it doesn’t make logical sense. But that's because there’s more to the statement than what meets the eye.

When you assess the objective value of something, you must consider both the quantity and quality of it. It’s not just the amount of something that determines it’s value, but rather how good or effective that thing is. A relatable example is the price of a steak. You can go to a diner where they have $9.99 all you can eat prime rib, which is a lot of quantity but not great quality, or you can go to a fancy restaurant where they serve you a small cut of steak that is prepared with the purest ingredients and sourced from the best vendor. That is quality.

What “less is more” literally translates to is less quantity creates more value. In order to understand that, we need to look at a simple equation:

Value = Quantity x Quality.

So if quantity decreases (which is “less”) and value increases (which is “more”), then the quality must increase disproportionately to make the equation valid. 

This is what happens when you simplify. You allow yourself to have the clarity you need to focus on the highest-leverage, most impactful activities that create the most value. Not only that, but you can do them well because you’re giving yourself the time and attention required to do a superb job. 

That’s how less can be more - it’s because they’re speaking about two different but connected things.

Applying this directly to personal development, the same concept is true as it relates to your self growth, with an added layer of complexity. Doing less allows you to be more consistent, which creates compounding results in your life. One of the reasons many people fail to get the results they desire is because they’re trying to do too much, to do more, and it comes at the expense of the quality in everything they do.

This is so fundamental to maximizing your potential that I consider it to be one of the 3 keys to unlocking a life-time of consistency. In fact I just made a 30 minute video training about this topic so that you can get consistent once and for all and experience a level of flow in your life that allows you to easily and effortlessly live productive days, gain confidence, and feel on-fire.

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Instead of spending years struggling to figure it out for yourself, start setting yourself up for success so that you can create momentum in all areas of your life!

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