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January 29, 2024

Learning Is Different Than Acquiring Knowledge

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We live in a world that has so much information. There’s so much to know, so much to learn, and so many perspectives to incorporate. For so long we’ve been taught that there’s nothing more important than getting an education, and while that still might be true, there’s an important nuance to it.

Learning is different than acquiring knowledge. 

The difference becomes more obvious when you hear Alex Hormozi’s definition of learning. He says that learning is “when there’s a change in behavior”. When you learn something it means that you took a new action when presented with the same stimulus.

Acquiring knowledge is different. Knowledge is simply about having the right information. But if you don’t use that right information, or apply it in a tangible way, then it doesn’t actually impact your life.

That’s the intention of the information, isn’t it? It’s not just to be able to rehearse good advice but use it to improve our health, time management, self-awareness, emotional control, and relationships.

Given how freely available information is, what we really need to master is the skill of implementation. That’s the differentiator - How successfully can we apply knowledge so that it leads to something real. In fact, this is so much more important that we’re better off investing time applying what we already know rather than trying to know something different. It’s through the implementation of information where learning happens, which is measured by achieving a new result. 

So take a minute to reflect on that. Do you have a way to incorporate what you know into your daily routines and processes? Do you feel like your life changes in meaningful and tangible ways after you finish reading a book, listen to a podcast, or fall short of a goal?

This is why it’s so important to have a high-quality self-improvement operating system. Your operating system is your foundational process for your self growth and if you feel like you’re experiencing a lot and consuming a lot but not actually learning anything, then your current operating system is probably the bottleneck.

When you do upgrade your operating system, all of the knowledge you’ve acquired actually converts into real and tangible improvements in your life. Like a hose with a kink in it, the results in your life are ready to come pouring through once you create an environment that can support it. 

If you want to upgrade your Self Improvement Operating System and install what I call your Super Habits System, click here to unlock the health, productivity, and progress you’ve been working hard for.

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