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March 3, 2023

Learn Less, Implement More

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Alright, let’s get to the root of what personal development actually entails. And to do so I quickly want to tell you a story about my journey thus far in pursuit of becoming my best self.

For years I was caught up in the "information trap" - Listening to podcasts non-stop, reading the books, filling my down-time with videos, TedTalks, courses, anything I could get my hands on that I thought offered valuable perspective and information...

I felt motivated by it because I saw myself putting in the work, and it gave me enough of a reason to tell myself I was doing the right things to grow and pursue my potential. 

There was still a big problem with it, though - nothing was actually changing about my life.

I was still feeling disappointed that I wasn't performing at the level I knew I could... Still believing I was talented but wasn't getting the results to back it up... Still feeling held back and falling behind without being able to pinpoint why...

It was frustrating, deflating, and honestly made me question if I had what it takes to accomplish what I wanted to in life and reach my goals.

That is until I made one fundamental shift, and the day you make this shift for yourself, everything will start to click.

Our focus should not be to acquire more knowledge... It should be to find ways to apply and optimize the few, transformational things we already know!

The summary is - If you want to take your life to the next level, to be less distracted and more productive, to stop making excuses and start taking care of our mind and body, to have moments where time seems to stop because you’re so present with the people around you, you need to learn less and implement more.

And I was able to make that shift when I established a process to put the things I was learning into action. A tangible mechanism to define, measure and improve my habits. To reflect and grow my mindset. To uphold higher standards for who I know I can be.

This is hard for me to admit as an educator and content creator but it's the truth - What I have to say will only go so far. It’s the action you take from what you learn that will really generate growth.

Which is why I’m taking my responsibility one step further. Starting on Monday we’re beginning a 21 day Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. In this challenge you will do two things: 

1) You will implement a new system into your life that I call your Self Improvement Operating System. This is a real tangible tool and resource that will help you improve anything about your life - following through on good habits, living out your intentions to be the friend, family member, and co-worker you want to be, anything. And you’ll get in the routine of using this resource over the course of 2 days because it’s only valuable if you use it. 

Then 2) You will install what I call your “Best Self Reflex”. This helps you increase your self-discipline by upgrading your mindset. We do this intentionally through a subconscious priming audio program called Discipline On Demand and it will literally change the conversation in your mind so that you reflexively make the positive, empowering, healthy choice without making excuses or negotiating with yourself about it.

In any case, whether you’ve been following my content for a long time or you’re brand new to it, early on in your self-growth or very experienced, even if you’ve registered for the challenge before but didn't’ follow through on doing it - This is your invitation level up. You read because you want to improve your life and I’m telling you, you’re plateauing if you don't take actionable next steps. 

Register for the 21 Day Best Self Breakthrough Challenge and that’s exactly what you get - You’ll pick up so much momentum in your life that you’ll breakthrough into new tiers of performance and self-belief that represent what you’re truly capable of!

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