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November 12, 2020

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”- Helen Keller

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The imagery of this Helen Keller quote is something that makes it really appealing and attractive. We all know how shadows work and can draw associations about the meaning of light and dark, and this quote makes us reflect on how we can keep a positive mindset.

As long as there is light there will always be a shadow. There’s a contrast that exists in everything that is important to recognize, but it’s also important not to let it distract you. I believe that in many cases knowing there’s a shadow is enough, you don’t need to look back and confirm that it’s there. A shadow and the darkness within it holds you back and occupies your attention when you know well you’d rather be looking forward. 

Which is why Helen Keller encourages us to keep our face to the sun. Embrace the source of positivity and possibility. When our attention is directed toward the light, love, and lessons built into the world around us then we can be constantly reminded of how we exist in that way. We are so strongly influenced by our subconscious mind, which is often triggered by the environments we are in, so choosing to place yourself in the sunshine rather than the shadow allows you to literally see the blessings around you. 

That’s not to say the shadow isn’t important, it’s always there and always will be, but maybe let’s start looking for the sunshine more often!

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