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May 27, 2020

It Might Not Be A Good Fit

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Let’s say there’s something you’ve always wanted, like you’ve always wanted to be an architect. So, you went to college and studied what was required to have a competitive application to get into a graduate architecture program. Then, you go and you finish it and you get a job at a prominent architecture firm! Great work, success, you did it!

Until you realize you don’t enjoy the work and you’re not happy. Now what?

Examples similar to this happen across the board to everyone in all areas of our life. Jobs, relationships, commitments, and habits. Not all examples have that same amount of investment, but they are all relatable in the same way. You have a difficult time letting go of the way things were supposed to be.

You criticize yourself for not feeling better about it, and feel bad for yourself because you’ve wasted so much of your energy and time. But, the most important thing to do is to breathe in deep and recognize the truth that it might not be a good fit.

I believe there are two reasons why we have such a difficult time exiting situations that we know are no longer serving us. The first is out of respect for your past, and recognizing the time and effort you put into creating that situation. It’s something we hold onto for too long. Second, is we prefer our comfort, and enduring the pain we know is more appealing than navigating a foreign “potential pain”. This is the devil you know or the devil you don’t.

This is how I want you to think about it. This world changes fast. And a piece that fit the puzzle of your life may no longer have a spot anymore because you change too. With that in mind, it’s important to acknowledge that a piece may no longer fit. And that’s okay, because ultimately you want to pursue what belongs and feels right.

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