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March 26, 2024

If You Search More, You'll Find More

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As complex as we can make life out to be, it really operates on one simple rule: Cause and effect.

You put something in and you get something out.

And while the full end-result is influenced by many things, most of which are out of our control, that doesn’t mean we can neglect the opportunity for us to feed into our lives what we want more of.

Using this concept more narrowly, what do we do if we’re feeling lost, stuck, stagnant? Well we need to input something different in order to get something different. Which leads me to something that my friend Ben Chung shared in a presentation we collaborated on last week: 

"If you search more, you’ll find more."

You can’t find what you’re not looking for right? And equally you can’t find anything if you don’t put the effort in to search.

If you need a solution to a work conflict - Search for guidance and advice, engage others with the challenge and get their take, journal to get clear on what you want and what they want to inform your perspective. It’ll help give more direction to what feels lost.

If you want to find your purpose - Search for it by hearing people speak about their passions, testing out a few things for yourself to see how connected you feel to it, introspecting on your own personal story and gain insights into what impacted you. New actions break you out of your current pattern and help you see and experience things differently.

If you want a romantic partner - You’re much more likely to find one if you’re looking for one. You’re clear on the type of person you’re looking for and you tell friends you’re available and ask around. Years ago my Uncle told me “You’re not going to meet the woman of your dreams sitting on your couch.” (With dating apps and everything these days that lands a little differently, but you see the concept.)

If you search more, you’ll find more. So don’t shy away from doing the work because it’s the only thing within your control. Hoping is not an effective strategy. If you want to find something, get something, be something, you need to get up and start looking for it.

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