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March 25, 2022

If You Must Be Afraid...

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I just finished reading the book “Courage Is Calling” by Ryan Holliday and it gave me a lot to think about regarding the ways I relate with fear in my life. I think we all admire the person that is courageous and we hope to have more of that in us, but it’s unnatural to do. That’s because being courageous is literally taking action through fear.

Holliday makes an important distinction between being afraid and having fear. Fear is a totally normal response all humans have when things are unfamiliar, uncertain, and threatening… Being afraid is letting that fear limit you. He argues that being afraid is unacceptable, and that the great innovators and leaders of the world manage to conquer fear courageously and not let being afraid get the best of them. But he also says, if you must let fear take ahold of you, and cause you to be afraid, then fear the following - and I quote from the book:  

“Fear what you’ll miss. Fear what happens if you don’t act. Fear what they’ll think of you down the road for having dared so little. Think of what you’re leaving on the table. Think of the terrifying costs of playing small. The fear you feel is a sign. If courage is never required in your life, you’re living a boring life. Put yourself in a position that demands you leap.”

Ultimately, fear is a great motivator and you can harness it to push you in the ways you know are best for you. Fear exists at every stage of your personal transformation and growth journey because you are becoming something unfamiliar and uncertain. That fear can keep people from pursuing their development in the first place, but when you meet that fear with courage you open up new frontiers. That’s what I want for you - To leave your comfort zone. To explore the boundary of what you know and believe. And to find more ways to let your unlimited self express itself into the world. 

Let’s bring this lesson into your life right now. Ask yourself this question - What do you wish you had the courage to do?

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