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February 5, 2024

Identifying And Conquering Distractions

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The main thing that keeps us from getting more done in a day, or doing what we needed to do in a day, is distraction. It’s crazy how easily we can get pulled off task and how often it happens without us even realizing it.

The reason is because getting distracted is a form of self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is an unconscious force that prevents us from doing the things we consciously want to do. It’s our mind’s way of keeping things how they are by diverting us away from doing something new.

So rather than staying on task and focused on what’s in front of us... Especially if it’s something that threatens our current belief system... We get pulled into something else that is more psychologically safer.

As with anything, defeat distraction starts with awareness. That’s why I love the way that Nir Eyal, a prolific author, behavioral design expert, and friend thinks about how to deal with this. He says “you cannot call something a distraction unless you know what you’re being distracted from.”

We must be clear on what we intend to be doing so that we know when we’re not doing it. And when we’re off task, we can confidently label it as a distraction.

So let’s marry these two concepts of understanding distraction as an avoidance tactic and how our first step to conquering it is awareness. Is there something we can do to defeat distractions, get more of the right things done, and open up time guilt-free for the other things we enjoy in life? 

We absolutely can, and in fact, one of the 9 Super Habits addresses this directly It only takes 30 seconds to do. And when you get consistent with it, you start breezing through the hard things that you’ve been procrastinating on or getting distracted from.

If you want to install this Super Habit, alongside the 8 others that help you improve your health, multiply your productivity, and make you effortlessly self-disciplined to crush every single day, today (February 5th) we just started another round of the 21 Day Challenge to install your Super Habits System.

If you have a big vision for the impact you want to create in the world but feel like you’re too easily distracted, too inconsistent, or too unstructured to make it happen, in 21 days we will change that and you’ll become unstoppable!

And remember, today's the last day to sign up so make your decision right now!

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