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August 12, 2020

How I Manifested Rescuing a Dog

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I was at a co-workers birthday party just hanging outside playing games and chatting. A friend of mine brought his new puppy who was having a great time running and sniffing around. Having not played with a dog for months I started chasing her around the park pretty harmlessly trying to catch her.

Well, I guess I was playing too hard, because I was chasing the puppy and it started running away… and she kept going… and going… and going… until I lost sight of her. The rescue mission was on, and we ran around this complex looking for any sign of the dog and asking everyone if they’d seen her. At one point, a group saw her off leash and a few of them got up and followed the puppy knowing something was wrong. More than an hour passes, there’s only about 20 minutes of sunlight left, and no sign of the dog. I felt awful. I went back to that group that was following her and asked if they had an update, and they said “Oh yea, we got her! The girl on the bike is holding her.” 

“Oh thank god”, I thought. I was hit by a wave of relief and I started the mile long walk back from where I was to where we had started.

It wasn’t a minute later, walking in the middle of the street, that I see the dog sprinting toward me. So I get low ready to dive and make a play and she goes to my feet and gets on her hind legs practically jumping into my arms. We had rescued the dog!

The really fascinating point in this, is after hearing news that we secured the dog my energy shifted. My internal reality became that the dog was safe and captured, and then immediately after my external world had to match my internal state. So after almost an hour and a half of looking for any trace of the dog, she basically delivered herself to me.  I don’t know if they were lying about us finding the dog or what, but it doesn’t matter because it was enough to change my state and attract the resolution I was looking for into my life!

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