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December 21, 2020

Having Structure In Your Life

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You probably hear it all the time, you need to “lay the right foundation” or “have structure” in your life. It sounds great, but what does it actually mean, and how do you actually do it? To me, it means that you need to first spend time establishing the basics and fundamentals so that you can grow on top of it with the assurance that you will be supported. 

Well, personal development is growth, and every time you grow you put stress on your foundation. With a strong and solid structure, you can challenge yourself to be more consistent in difficult areas, you can put yourself in more uncomfortable situations, and you can gain confidence in yourself because you know that your foundation will hold you up through it all.

So how do you build a stronger foundation? You invest in it. You put systems in place to help you carry the weight of uncertainty and doubt. You get proactive and adapt your belief system so that it interacts effectively with the context of your life. And you validate it by having faith in the process, and that you are capable and worthy of everything you desire.

I know that’s a lot... but I want to help you have more structure in your life!

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