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March 25, 2019

Have a Bad Idea

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Have you ever heard the expression, "there’s no such thing as a bad question"? Well, what do you think, does the same thing apply for ideas? I mean, there are some outright, bad ideas right? Although that may be true, bad ideas should be encouraged.

I was at a conference, and I had the pleasure to listen to a few amazing speakers. One of my favorite speakers at the conference was Travis Chambers, the founder of his own digital marketing agency Chambers Media, who shared a really interesting finding. Chambers stated that 70% of good ideas come directly after a bad idea.

Although I didn’t get the opportunity to learn more about his source on that statistic, he is an extremely credible thought leader and I believe him entirely. So, let’s think about what that stat means.

For one, it means that good ideas take time and iteration to be come upon. So, be patient and let the creative process work its course. Two, if following a linear thought pattern means that certain components of bad ideas are actually used in good ideas. So, they may be bad ideas as a whole, but they hold value fundamentally. Three, it means that when workshopping and exploring ideas, instead of limiting your imagination you should let it run wild!

A great way to practice coming up with creative, and inevitably “bad” ideas is to do some topic mixing. Take two random and completely unconnected words, and find a way to make the similar. For example, Water park toaster.

you’re right, it’s a bad idea. But good! Because that means a good one is coming next!

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