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March 4, 2021

"Happiness is within you."

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Let’s bring it back to what it’s all about. Ultimately in life we should enjoy what we do and the moments we are a part of. We deserve to be happy. And we don’t need to overcomplicate it, you already have everything you need. “Happiness is within you.”

I truly believe this. You are capable of being happy and your intuition knows what makes you happy, but one fundamental piece of it is that you need to define happiness for yourself. You need to have that north star to pursue in order to start making progress toward it. 

What keeps many people from accessing their happiness is living to the standards and expectations of other people. This creates barriers to happiness because you are prioritizing someone else’s desires over your own. But you are in control - Every thought you have originates from you. It is your interpretation of the context around you that produces the thought, and it’s your relationship with different topics that creates the way you perceive things.

Your responsibility in life is to keep yourself happy. Does that mean sometimes you need to do things you don’t like to do? Of course, but it’s because those things are necessary to make sure you are fulfilling your personal, overall priorities. Things like making sure you have a roof over your head, you are physically and emotionally safe, and that your loved ones are taken care of. 

Whatever happiness means for you, how you want to feel when you show up in the world, the right answer is already inside you. You just need to listen to it and trust it. “Happiness is within you.”

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