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February 20, 2019

"Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people".

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In this age of social media, we can’t help but compare ourselves to what we see. Even though we know that what we see isn’t reality, it still somehow manages to become our point of reference for everything that we do.  The only way to rid ourselves of that comparison is to completely shut it out, and this can be done by deciding not to compete with it. This helps us rely on only our own expectations to evaluate our behavior. It’s at this point, when you are confident enough in your own interpretations and standards, that you can open your eyes and see the world again without comparison, acknowledging that you are different. And that’s exactly when something really interesting happens.

Without comparison, we no longer feel threatened by the best version of everyone else, no longer feel the need to compete with them, and can instead become everyone’s biggest fan. We can encourage others to attain success because it doesn’t threaten our own.  With this mentality, you surround yourself in an aura of positivity that diffuses into your own life and improves your own environment.  Happiness is the result of eliminating comparison, and positivity is the byproduct that then amplifies your happiness.  

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