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October 24, 2023

Guilt Doesn't Exist

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One of the biggest things holding us back from pursuing our fullest potential is guilt. It could be guilt about how you received an advantage over someone else that you feel was undeserved. It could be guilt about taking time for yourself and feeling like it comes at the expense of the well-being of your loved ones. It could be guilt about having things that other people can’t afford but would kill for, and you’re taking it for granted. 

But what if I told you that guilt is actually only a recent concept, and we’ve chosen to allow it into our lives?

In Tibetan, the language they speak in Tibet which has strong roots in Buddhist culture, they don’t have a word for “guilt”. It’s not something they’ve allowed to exist in their lives. Instead, the closest word they have roughly translates to “intelligent regret with a decision to do things differently in the future”.

You hear all the time that the words you use are powerful. If every time we felt ‘guilt’ we instead chose to see it as being aware of our shortcomings and the impacts of them, with an intention to learn from it so it doesn’t happen quite the same again, what would happen?

It would completely change your relationship with the things you feel guilty about.

I share that to highlight another example of how the meaning in our life is determined by the story we tell. And if you’re looking to overcome the guilt you feel in your life, that’s exactly what you need to do.

Instead of feeling guilty about an advantage you received that was undeserved, see it as a raised platform you get to use to support other people with.

Instead of feeling guilty about prioritizing your own self-care, see it as an investment that allows you to do more and be better and be more helpful to those who you feel like are impacted by the personal time you’re be spending.

Instead of having guilt that you can access things other people can’t access, trust your intentions that goodness flows through you and multiplies into the world rather than being consumed by you.

Guilt is energetically demanding and intense. It keeps you from being in a place where you can contribute to the better solution you feel like you’re taking away from. So reframe your guilt with a new story and feel yourself freed from its grip on you.


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