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July 7, 2021

Getting The Plane Off The Ground

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I came across a concept the other day and wanted to relate it to personal development. What I’ve come to learn is while things don’t seem like they would be related, things abide by the same rules and laws of nature, and there is more similarity than we might first think.

The idea  is, a plane uses a disproportionate amount of fuel to take off and get to cruising altitude. Of course this makes sense, a plane that is actively trying to propel itself higher against gravity is going to require more energy. If it’s so obvious in this instance, is it reasonable to say it would be true for our lives as well?

Getting yourself to an early morning workout, the hardest part is emotionally committing to it and getting yourself to put your workout clothes on. In sales, the hardest part is getting anyone to pay attention and book a meeting. Like a plane at cruising altitude we greatly benefit from the momentum we generate to get to that point. The challenge becomes overcoming the activation energy required to get to that state, which often is perceived as a whole lot of effort for not enough result. It could also be articulated as “The juice isn’t worth the squeeze”.

But in order to achieve your goals, like a plane headed across the country, you need to invest your resources in the things you know will carry you to your desired destination. Instead of seeing hard work as a reason to not persevere, know that it’s a part of the process, it is an inevitability of the world’s natural laws. It includes a knowing that with the right attitude and belief you will be able to find your own cruising altitude.

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