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August 27, 2018

Fight for a Larger Cause: A Tribute to John McCain

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I wanted to take a moment today to share a bit about John McCain and his legacy he left behind with us earlier this week. John McCain was a statesman, senator, POW, and USA presidential candidate who left a huge impression on the world.  

While I did some research on his life, I came across my favorite quote of his that I felt was appropriate to share. The quote is, “Nothing in life is more liberating than fighting for a cause larger than yourself”.

So, I am going to talk about the importance of fighting for a cause larger than yourself.  We are all just a small piece in a larger ecosystem. To provide a bit of perspective, the fact that you can listen to this message right now means you have access to the internet, which is only possible to half of the world’s population. It also means that you live in a country where you have freedom to information. John McCain dedicated his life to serving his country, but we all have our own larger causes that call us.   And having the perspective that there are things bigger than you happening outside of your life is the first step being ready to dedicate to a larger cause.

One option is to identify exactly what larger cause you are meant to serve. Identify what you are passionate about, or a privilege you take for granted, and let it motivate you to make a difference in that area. This is a huge commitment, and if that’s how you live your life I commend you for it. However, it’s really hard to do, and you can still fight for a larger cause in a simpler way.  

It’s by making decisions in your life that serve the larger causes. For example, you can support local businesses by limiting your online shopping, limit your carbon footprint by biking to work, or support wage equality by purchasing from certain stores. Having an awareness about the implications of your decisions, and acting on those in the right way, will allow you to effortlessly contribute to larger causes!

Thank you John McCain for the last lesson, you’ll be missed but never forgotten.

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