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March 25, 2020

Everything Will Be Okay

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With the doomsday talk and the “everyone fend for yourself mentality” I wanted to share something important. Everything will be okay. It will, everything will be okay.

While our concerns have shifted recently because of current events, I also want to speak to the you 3 months ago before all of this started, and the future you 3 years from now. Life will continue to present challenges and unexpected circumstances, and you will be okay. You always will be okay.

What I try to do during uncertain times is surrender to the process. I try to have faith that everything is happening for a reason. I also try to find confidence in myself that I will be able to make the most of every situation I am presented. The only thing you can control 100% is your effort, and putting your energy in things you can’t control will only perpetuate the problem. 

This is all coming from a guy whose biggest fear is responding to severe adversity. That’s what preparation and perspective are for, and that’s what I’d encourage you to reflect on right now. You have been developing skills for a long time. What you have to offer is an asset to others. And you are stronger than you know. You have overcome everything you’ve experienced so far, which should give you hope that you can also overcome everything that you’ll experience in the future.

Everything will be okay. Be responsible, trust yourself, and whenever there’s a storm, ride it out.

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