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June 22, 2020

Every Hour, Every Minute, Every Second

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This is something that is pretty crazy to think about, and it requires absolutely nothing different from you. Every hour, every minute, and every second you take up space in this world, which is your house, your desk at work, a seat at a restaurant, or your favorite spot on a friend’s couch. When you spend time with people, they are right there in front of you clearly taking up space as well.

Great, so you spend a few moments, part ways to get back to your independent lives, and off you go. The thing that we have grown so accustomed to, is that our experience is always within our body. We are always directly aware of the way that we are taking up space in the world because we literally cannot be anywhere else.

Have you ever thought about how that’s also true for everyone else? In this moment right now, every person you’ve ever met that is still alive is taking up space somewhere. They have their own agendas, making their own decisions, just like you every hour, every minute, and every second.

In 2018, there were 7.6 Billion people on our planet. And every single one of them, whether you passed them on the street, bought something from them while on vacation, or have never crossed paths with them is doing exactly what you do with the same focus an intentionality applied to their own life experience. It’s nuts!

Then thinking about occupying space, that space is filled in different ways by different people over time. 7.6 million people were estimated to have visited the Coliseum in Rome in 2018, not to mention how many different people took up that space the year before, or even those who attended events there during the height of the Roman Empire thousands of years ago.

We are so focused on our own experience and our own context that we lose sight of the big picture. Everyone lives their life with the same importance and purpose as you do, and I think it’s important we start thinking about that.

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