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October 9, 2019

Don't Look Away

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Special thanks to Ashley Gutierrez, who gave me this piece of advice. Don’t Look Away.

The easy and comfortable thing to do is to hide and avoid. Just to act like it doesn’t exist. What this does is it exacerbates the problem. In order for things to really change and improve, you need to acknowledge that they’re happening, and gain awareness on the issue. For me, being fully present, and allowing myself to experience everything the trip had to offer has inspired me to take take on a larger role. There’s something really powerful in facing the reality in front of you, and the easy thing to do is look away, but if you do you’re doing yourself and the problem a disservice.

Although I did bring up this point to add perspective, it is not meant to demean the challenges you are experiencing. In fact, it is meant to encourage you to address them as they are. I imagine there are some realities in your life that you are afraid to acknowledge. It could be an issue in a relationship, or the state of your finances.  But the longer you look away and avoid that reality, the deeper roots it will grow and the more dissociated you will become from the issue.

With this all in mind, I feel called to find more ways to support. It comes in big ways, like fundraising a new housebuild, and in smaller ways, like hearing someone’s personal challenge and sharing resources that I have found valuable. Whatever it is, please feel free to reach out, and whatever you do, don’t look away.

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