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July 31, 2023

Do You Want More 'Almosts'?

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If you’re anything like me, I can imagine there are a ton of things you want to do in life. To travel more, make time to be with friends and family, complete a milestone fitness competition like a marathon or ironman or Spartan Race, try new hobbies, attend more events… the list goes on.

And I also imagine that a lot of these things have been on your list for a while now already. The question I want to ask you is ‘Are you happy with a long list of almosts?’

I almost signed up for that race. I almost booked that trip. I almost pursued that new opportunity at work. This idea is very personal to me because of my mission statement, which is to turn human intention into action. When you almost do something it means that you really thought about it, you wanted to, but for whatever reason you didn’t pull the trigger. You had a strong intention but you didn’t take action.

I want you to reflect on how prevalent this is in your life. Have you made promises or pacts with yourself to get in better shape, have a better attitude, be a better and more present family member, or stop procrastinating so much?

If so, do you expect that things will change if you keep on doing the same things, or might it serve you to give something else a try and see if it gets you a better result?

A life of 'almost' is a life of regret. It’s a life of missed experiences and opportunities, lost excitement, and unfulfilled potential. But fortunately at any moment you can choose do something different and shift your trajectory to turn the vision you have for your life into a reality. Seriously you can do it.

The two missing ingredients that I find people are missing when they have high intention but little action are discipline and awareness. Discipline is the ability to take action consistently in alignment with who you want to be. Many people know what they need to do but don’t have the follow through to actually do it. 

Then there’s awareness. Oftentimes people aren’t aware of the things they’re tolerating in life, the standards that they’re not enforcing, and the conditions that cause them to feel more tired, lazy, or unmotivated than they’d like to be.

These two characteristics are at the base of what I call is your Self Improvement Operating System. Without discipline and awareness you can’t get into the habits, routines, and mindsets that represent the best version of yourself because you’re missing the essential raw materials.

Once a month I host a 21 day challenge where I help you to build elite levels of discipline and awareness so that you stop feeling so bad for yourself that you’re not making the most out of life. Your future is in your control, and in this Challenge, I teach you how to claim it so that you can have a lifetime of rich experiences and fulfillment. 

The process takes only 5 minutes a day for 21 days to complete and at the end of it, you’ll be on fire and ready to take on anything that life throws at you! This is a live Challenge and the next one starts on Monday August 7th. Click here to learn more about the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge and register! Either that, or keep tolerating ‘almost’ being the person you want to be and convincing yourself that you’re okay with it.

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