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May 10, 2024

Do More Of Your Favorite Things

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This might sound overly simple but I promise it’s something that many of us are missing (including myself!)

Those things that we really enjoy doing, that infuse our lives with joy and fill up our cup - Why don’t we do those things more often?

We live in a culture that works really hard, and many of us try to be more productive and efficient so that we can create more free time. But it’s free time to do what? All of our favorite things!

When we do have free time there are other responsibilities and things that we choose to fill the time with. And in whatever it is we have left over, we don’t have the energy to go and do the things we love and would rather just rest.

But what is everything else for if not to support us in being able to do our favorite things?

So rather than seeing if we have the time and energy to do our favorite things after all is said and done, why don’t we just plan to do our favorite things from the very beginning?

The idea of productivity needs a rebrand.

It’s not about getting as many things done as you possibly can… Instead it’s to spend our time doing what we want to be doing as often as possible.

Central to this is doing our favorite things!

And making our favorite things a priority is as simple as planning it.

Going for a walk on the beach, or hitting some golf balls, or getting out to a dance class, or hosting a dinner with friends is really hard to pull off on the same day but really easy to pull off with just a week’s notice. 

Rather than it being something that you try to fit into a busy schedule, what if it was something that you built your schedule around?

I found out just how possible this was when I started Jiu Jitsu. Rather than feeling like I didn’t have time for hobbies, I made a decision about what days and times I was going to get in for training. With little consequence the rest of my responsibilities settled in around the commitment.

So for you - What is one of your favorite things to do that you haven’t done in too long? Make plans today to do it one week from now. You’ll realize just how possible it is to do your favorite things more often!

If you have an adventure buddy or someone that you have a lot of fun with, send them this article as a way to hold each other accountable to actually doing it!

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