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February 18, 2019

Divine Discomfort with Mike Sherbakov

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WBeing human is about instinct, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around exactly what it is, and why it exists. It had an initial purpose way back in our evolutionary history as a mechanism for survival, where having an innate sense about the way things are, particularly when they don’t feel right, was the difference between life and death.  

The stakes aren’t quite as high, but instinct still plays an important role in our lives. Being in tune with that feeling is incredibly important to have a complete understanding of how we are meant to respond.  This thought was inspired by Mike Sherbakov, an incredible philanthropist and entrepreneur, who has coined this feeling “divine discomfort”. 

The point that Mike really brings home is the way we approach that discomfort - do we ignore it and let it fester in our subconscious, or do we address it and use it to make a change?  With his life experience, he has learned to trust that the discomfort he feels is communicating something unique and important.  Allowing space for it in your mind, and to not reject it, is an essential way of coming upon a new realization.

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