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July 23, 2018

Curiosity Marketing with Chalene Johnson

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Chalene Johnson is a fitness influencer who has built a great personal brand through curiosity marketing. Let’s hear from Chalene as she describes why curiosity is so strong.  

Johnson states, "Our brains do not like to have a gap. It's like when your parents gave you a little bit of information when you were little, and you knew it wasn't the whole story, so your mind fills in the gaps. We want to connect the dots. So, when we can't connect the dots, it is a more powerful captivator than even our fear of loss is our desire to quench our thirst for curiosity".
This message is to instill curiosity in those around you. This is a really good way of getting your audience to engage with your message because it works within our natural inclination to seek more information. A few things Chalene does on her social media accounts to drive engagement is she generates curiosity by being intentionally vague and planning follow up posts that answer questions she asks. She has used curiosity marketing to do a great job selling not only her products, but herself.

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