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October 21, 2018

Create a Custom Alarm Clock

Listen Now:

Oftentimes the redundancy of our alarm clock causes us to become desensitized to the sound. Not only will a custom alarm clock provide a little variety in the morning that abruptly gets your attention, but it is an opportunity to create something that activates you so that you never have to press the snooze button.

I think I can explain this best by playing my own alarm clock for you. It is a motivational message from my grandma.  And to preface, she actually loves me very much.  Have a listen:

“Brian, wake up!  Get going!  You are just lazy, and very soft.  So you gotta get up, do those pushups, run those miles.  Or else.  What if?”

I’ll tell you this, I haven’t snoozed my alarm one time. But to be honest, I don’t use this alarm every morning. I choose to save it for important mornings where I need extra motivation, so that it works well and I don’t get desensitized to it. What’s interesting though, is I have found that the effect has persisted with other alarms because I always have my grandma’s voice in the back of my mind when I am considering snoozing.

The key to creating a successful alarm clock is to be introspective. I reasoned that when I snooze it’s because I make an excuse about why I shouldn’t wake up.  Find that root cause within yourself, and address it directly in your message.

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