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November 1, 2018

Craft an Elevator Pitch

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Have you heard of the term “elevator pitch”?  Basically, it is a sales pitch, usually about your product or company, that you can recite in the amount of time it takes to ride in an elevator, just in case you are in the elevator with someone important. Although limited in time, a good elevator pitch can portray enough information to allow a decent overall understanding while making them excited to want to hear more.

I propose that we all have a personal elevator pitch. Something that is just enough to explain what we do, why we do it, and what we are hoping to achieve.  

This can be useful from a few different angles. First, is it will help you hone in on your personal brand. When crafting a short message, you only have time to mention your personal highlights, which might be pretty revealing in understanding your own priorities. Also, if you do come across a big moment, maybe someone you are hoping to network with, you have an optimized way to present them about yourself and close a meeting.  At the very least, developing a personal elevator pitch will help you be transparent with yourself and where your skillset and priorities lie.  

So, to get started, brainstorm a few things to help identify those important parts of your life. For me, those things are personal development, being creative with the psychology of others, and making an impact. I’m still working on how I synthesize all of it, but I think there is an easy connection between those pieces and the marketing and self improvement daily roles I am in.

The next steps are to write that story and rehearse it, so that it is ready in the arsenal when the right time comes.

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