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December 9, 2018

Build Systems

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I am a huge fan of organization and routine, and it’s something that I pride myself on.  Getting into the right habits has helped me be more efficient with my time and energy, and work toward those things that I have identified as important to me.

Well, I want to talk about something that is important to me but I haven’t gotten into a rhythm with yet, but first I’ll explain the concept behind it.

We all have systems that we have developed and live by every single day.  Maybe you put your bread in the toaster to let it heat as you get dressed, or wash your face after brushing your teeth.  As random as the system might be, you put it into place because it made your life more efficient. Could be efficiency with your time, your resources, or energy, but efficient nonetheless.

Unfortunately I still don’t have a good system for writing my Self Improvement Daily weekly newsletter. As a result, I believe that it loses quality, is done at inopportune times, and I enjoy doing it less. However, today I’m going to build a system to help me be more efficient with this task.

So, maybe what I’ll do is I’ll break the 5 tip newsletter into smaller tasks, and write one a day.  And maybe use another Self Improvement Daily task as a trigger? Or maybe I should allocate a certain time every week where I take time to do it and do it well. I’m going to get working on building that system now.

And that’s the point. The first step to building a new system is to take the time to think about it, and the factors that are keeping you from being more efficient. When it’s time to put that system into practice, create a game plan to execute it.  A proper system will most definitely help you be more efficient in all of the right ways.

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