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January 19, 2022


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I’ve come upon an interesting and unique idea that I wanted to share with you. I recognized that the words “aware” and “beware” have the same root - ‘ware’. In fact the only difference is the very beginning - A-ware or B-Ware. Knowing what the words mean I started relating it back to something I’ve been fascinated to learn more about, which is seeing life through the lenses of love and fear. The qualities of love and fear arguably distill the human experience into its most fundamental basics. On an instinctual level these are the two forces that influence everything else, and we evaluate everything against them. Just about everything can be related back to how it helps you experience love or avoid fear.

Our A-wareness brings consciousness to the things we’re experiencing, and when we choose what we want to experience it’s typically the pursuit of pleasure through self-mastery (or self-love), and connection (loving others). Even when we’re aware of something negative, that awareness is a means to move it toward love. Alternatively, bewareness is our brains subconscious background process that when triggered, provokes fear. It’s the threat detection system that’s on high alert at all times to protect us from all kinds of harm (physical, financial, emotional, etc.) and danger.

We have this tug of war between the two - Go for it vs hold back, 'this is great' vs 'what’s the catch?'. But what’s exciting about this relationship is love always wins. Our awareness can beat our bewareness, meaning that we can think through the nature of our threats and make more logical decisions when we allow ourselves to. A great way to do that is to take deep breaths, deactivating the sympathetic nervous system and allowing you to think more intentionally, unemotionally, and clearly. Let me leave you with this question - What is your favorite way to bring more awareness to the emotions you’re experiencing?

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