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October 26, 2023

Bathing In Gratitude

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I did a meditation on the Heroic app this past weekend that created a really interesting experience that I wanted to share with you. I was prompted to embody gratitude as fully as I could, to really feel it in every cell of my body. And then with that sensation in mind, I was told to feel that the gratitude of the world was pouring into me.

My mind began to visualize that everything around me was infusing me with gratitude. The light in the room was giving me gratitude. The chirp of the crows was sending me gratitude. The feeling of the couch and floor under me was all supporting me with gratitude. 

You know the comforting feeling of submerging yourself in a warm bath, relieving tension in every muscle? That’s what I was experiencing but instead of feeling the sensation of warmth I was feeling the sensation of gratitude.

The science of gratitude is compelling. Through studies it is proven to be correlated with psychological and physical health benefits, it can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve your sense of connection to others. When done consistently, gratitude can become the lens that you see the world through.

Gratitude is a super habit. There are fewer things that will more simply and radically change your life than reflecting on 3 things you’re genuinely grateful for on a daily basis.

And the beautiful thing is, gratitude immediately makes you feel differently. Unlike how consistent exercise and healthy diet take some time to lose weight, practicing gratitude shifts your physiological state in the moment. This makes it an easier habit to incorporate because it offers an immediate reward, which is one of the criteria for habit formation according to James Clear’s “Atomic Habits”.

This is one of the 3 Super Habits you implement into your daily life as part of the Super Habits System. The other two are exercise to improve your daily energy levels and organized scheduling to revolutionize your daily productivity. 

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