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December 15, 2020

Audit Your Environment

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Your environment is simply everything around you, the context of your life. What you might not realize is the way your environment may be influencing you in ways you aren’t aware of. If you think of it this way, your environment is rich with different stimuli that trigger you into unconscious behavior patterns. Some of those behaviors are good, many are bad, but in either case it is simply the things around you, your environment, that quietly leads you down that path.

Oftentimes your environment presents itself as circumstance, which is thought to be fixed or determined. But in understanding that your environment and context is dynamic and ever-changing, you realize you can actually manipulate your circumstances to change your life. So let’s start gaining an awareness about our environment by auditing the different environments we live within.

First is your physical environment. The actual space you’re in and where it is geographically. Is it conducive to helping you sleep well, eat healthy, be productive, etc? Then there’s your social environment. Your relationships, who you value in your life, who influences your expectations and standards, and how they support you. And then there’s your energetic environment. Your motivation, alignment, and integrity. How you pursue your values, and your spirituality.

Within the lens of these three environments determine what the ideal is, how you want these environments to contribute to your life, and when you identify a mismatch begin pursuing certain steps to tweak your environment to bridge the gap.

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