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November 6, 2020

Attracting and Chasing

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I love the idea of "attraction" and think it offers a really compelling and accurate visual for us to understand. In order to attract something you need to be magnetic, there needs to be some quality that pulls other things toward it because it’s in an aligned or matching state. The thing about our magnetism and attraction is you can choose your polarity, you can set the frequency, and therefore you can get very specific about what you attract. I believe that at all times we are subconsciously attracting and pulling things toward us, good or bad, and gaining an awareness of what that might be could be a great first step.

Now let’s talk about chasing. Chasing in my opinion isn’t all that bad! On one hand you can chase a partner or standard that you’ll never reach, but on the other hand you can chase a goal that really motivates you and gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. In either case chasing involves going against the grain and taking the more difficult and effortful route in pursuit of something. The chase is more of a game and if that’s something that you respond well too then there’s definitely a place for it.

I believe we should be both attracting and chasing. We should be the beacon that pulls things into our lives passively while still taking chances and putting ourselves out there effortfully. What’s important is that you are attracting and chasing the right things in order to realize the life you wish to have.

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