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March 30, 2023

"Another day, another opportunity."

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We’ve inherited a beautiful, magical cycle that is one day. Our bodies have evolved to experience the cycles of light and dark in a way that allows us to renew our life-force everyday. We’ve built our whole culture around this cycle where the world basically stops for a handful of hours as we all transition from one day to the next.

While days and time and all of that are just constructs that support our perception, there’s a lot of potential in it. And when you wake up in the morning it’d benefit you to think about that - “Another day, another opportunity”.

This serves as a form of intention. When you prime yourself first thing in the morning to see the possibility in the world, throughout the day you’ll find it. Another day, another opportunity. Your world conspires around your thoughts and beliefs, so why not choose to make your world a little brighter and a little more positive?

In order to build momentum for the day so that you can consistently seize everything it has to offer you, I have a few best practices. First, know that every day starts the night before. Make sure you’re prioritizing your sleep and wellness so that when you wake up, you have the energy to shape your mindset. The first moments of the day dictate the pace and cadence of how you’ll do everything else.

A second recommendation is to set yourself up for success by having a plan for the day, but not just that, one that you can do really well with. Don’t try to flood your morning, particularly your first hour with too much to do. The sooner you get behind, the sooner you stay behind and feel like you’re playing catch up.

Remember. “Another day, another opportunity.” and you can make whatever you want from it. You don’t need to keep reliving the same days with the same problems and the same issues. You can intervene, solve your problems, step up to your next level, and choose to make things different. 

Imagine if you made your prior best your new normal? I promise you it’s achievable, but only if you’re serious about making it so. And that’s something you need to consistently choose every day, but good news - another day, another opportunity!

If you want to start sustainably improving the quality of our life and make progress day after day, I have a process that will help you do it. And it addresses the one thing holding you back from tapping into it. I made a video explaining it all that you can check out here!

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