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July 9, 2019

A Lesson from Airplane Etiquette

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For the holiday weekend, I did a bit of traveling, and I observed something that got me fired up and I want to vent a little about it. But, in all of this I found a silver lining so I think it’s acceptable.

So, I was on an airplane noticing some of the things a girl was doing next to me. First, after everyone was instructed to put their phones in airplane mode, she decided to make a phone call and completely disregard the instruction. Then, after we landed and arrived at the gate, she stepped into the aisle, walked up about four rows until she got blocked off, and stood there in the way of everyone else who needed to grab their bags.  I know it’s an unwritten rule to wait your turn getting of an airplane, but that’s exactly what I want to touch on today.

In a public setting like this, I think it’s so important to understand and appreciate your role in society. If everyone acted selfishly and on their own agenda, it would be impossible to get anything done, and overall society would plummet. Having respect for the process and the instructions of authority figures is crucial to being a cooperative member of society.  So, I encourage you to be the person that waits in line, that follows directions, and that plays your part, because it stands for a larger point that will add to your life.  In this complex and interconnected world, the only way we can truly be effective is if we play nice with others, and sometimes that means inconveniencing yourself for the greater good.

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