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April 22, 2020

3 Steps to Replenish Your Heart with Cordelia Gaffar

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Are you showing up fully in your romantic relationships, or is something holding you back? The reality is, something from our past might have greatly influenced us, and the way we allow ourselves to connect with others. Cordelia Gaffar is an emotions opener, and she employs empathetic listening tactics. Cordelia uses a 3 question sequence that unlocks the emotions we’ve been holding back.

Her 3 phase process stars with releasing what you’ve been wrestling with, let it go if it’s not serving you. Then you restructure our awareness and how you experience emotions, often giving yourself the permission to feel. Then you refresh and build your emotions back up in a positive and authentic way. I can personally relate to this, realizing recently how some experiences that happened in pre-school and junior high school shaped my understanding of romantic relationships.

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