Purpose Chats

Purpose Chats

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you are doing exactly what you were born to do, contributing to this world your unique gifts and talents to their fullest capacity. There is nothing more fulfilling than walking in your purpose.

But let me guess... you're not there yet.

Trust me when I say you're not alone! But you're probably closer to living your purpose than you think.

A common misconception about purpose is that it is discovered all at once, like a bolt of lightning that strikes you in a divine moment. The truth is that purpose is discovered one small taste at a time. In fact, when it comes to discovering your purpose there are many fundamentals that consistently come up time and time again.

Purpose Chats breaks purpose down into its basic components so that you can be more aware of when purpose is present in and around your life. Facilitated by Call to Creatives founder Sarah King, we gather as a community once a month on a Zoom call to:

  • Learn about a new fundamental of purpose
  • Complete an exercise that applies that fundamental to our lives
  • Share insights and understandings about purpose so that we can better align with our unique purpose

If you want to discover your purpose in life, you need to start somewhere! There's a community of people just like you that are inspired to make a difference in this world. Be a part of the conversation, start connecting the dots, and begin embodying what you were meant to do.

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Purpose Chats
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