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February 3, 2023

Your Best Self Reflex

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**Big announcement at the end! Make sure you read through**

What if I told you that you’re one habit away from mastering self-discipline and not only that, but that you can start consistently making the right choice on autopilot? 

Instead of negotiating with yourself about whether to pick the salad over the fries, you make the healthy decision effortlessly…

When your alarm goes off in the morning and you feel 100 pounds heavier, you jump right out of bed every time and never hit the ‘Snooze’ button… 

When you’re feeling worn out after a long day debating whether or not you should go to the gym, you move forward quickly without a second thought.

This response pattern is what I call your “Best Self Reflex”. Just like a reflex in your body that acts outside of your control, you can train yourself to take positive action unconsciously, allowing you to follow through on the things that are most important to you without strain.

The power of this reflex comes from your subconscious mind. The subconscious has the near limitless power to get you to do just about anything. If you’re intentional about priming your subconscious to fulfill on being self-disciplined, no task stands a chance against it.

Imagine how productive you’d be if you could pull yourself out of distractions and focus on what you need to do. Imagine how energized you’d feel if you got in the habit of exercising, meditating, and sleeping consistently. Instead of inconveniencing yourself to be "grit it out" and max out your will-power to get the most basic things done, you could do it effortlessly because your subconscious is providing the energy behind it.

Now here’s the really exciting part. It only takes 21 days to install your Best Self Reflex and start following through like ever before. You can build the habit of self-discipline so that you start living up the person you know you can be on a daily basis.

And that’s exactly what I want to share with you. I have distilled a 21 day process that trains this best self reflex into your psychology, that gets your subconscious to start working for you and not against you, so that you can start living out your best intentions, discover a sense of self-confidence that you never knew, and create unstoppable momentum in your life. Completing this process will usher you into the most productive, most inspired, and most achieving chapter of your life.

So here’s the deal. I am going to host a live 21 day challenge starting on Monday (February 6th) to share this step-by-step process with you. As long as 20 people sign up for it and show up to the first session, I’ll lead the whole thing for free. I’m serious!

You can learn all about the 21 Day Challenge to install the Super Habits System and register now by clicking the link here!

The time is now, we’re live on Monday, and I really hope you don’t postpone becoming the person you know you can be! Join me for 21 days to install your Best Self Reflex and you’ll discover what you’re truly capable of!

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