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April 6, 2022

Your Behavior Reflects Your Deepest Beliefs

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This is a dense topic I’ve really committed to understanding on a deep level, and I love the way Robin Sharma articulates it. He says that, “Your behavior reflects your deepest beliefs”. Our beliefs are a byproduct of everything we’ve learned about the world and the way we exist in it. If you think about it, we were born with no beliefs, no values or morals, nothing other than the baseline physiological systems and reflexes required to keep us alive. Everything else was learned at one point or another.

But one level further, once we do learn these lessons and mold the thoughts we have about the world, those details start to integrate into your subconscious mind. They become reflexes, biases, and a lens that puts a tint on everything you see. The purpose of this is to make the world more predictable and sensible to you.

These lenses influence us to make decisions and behave in certain ways without us even knowing it. Why? It’s called cognitive dissonance. When your behaviors don’t line up with your mind’s expectations, your brain feels threatened by the unfamiliarity and starts to panic. To avoid that panic we act in ways that are in alignment with what we believe.

That is why, as Sharma put it, your behavior reflects your deepest beliefs.

Now is this permanent? Of course not! If we learned something once, we can learn something new. But the brain does resist any change you introduce to it. That’s why you need to be really intentional about how you go about unlearning and relearning the world, so that you don’t spend time and energy fighting against your subconscious tendencies. 

Like I said, I’m committed to understanding this, and if you’re curious to understand how your subconscious beliefs might be influencing you to do things you don’t want to do, and in some cases are even sabotaging your success, then I put together a video you’re really going to want to watch. Not only do I explain exactly what’s happening in your brain that’s the reason you’re feeling held back, but I show you how to reshape your beliefs and transform your subconscious so that you can be more disciplined, more productive, and things start to click for you in your life.

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