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March 30, 2022

You Already Have It

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I’m taking a more spiritual approach today and it might not take you down the path you’d expect. There are probably a lot of things that you want to improve about your life - Things you want to have and do, relationships you want to strengthen, opportunities you wish were in front of you... I want to remind you that for everything I just mentioned, you already have it.

My belief is that we are connected to and exist within a universal energy. Call it God, Source, or the universe, in my mind it all speaks to the same point. This means that we can directly tap into a divine intuition where 1) We know everything and 2) We have access to true abundance, giving us an infinite amount of resources. But let’s be honest. We certainly don’t know everything, and if you look around you’ll quickly see you don’t have everything. 

So what happened? While yes, we are connected to everything, we experience a lot of interference and that interference makes us incapable of accessing abundance. We can’t pull from ultimate intuition because our minds limit us from doing so. We can’t snap our fingers and make our dreams come true because there are other pieces getting in the way which are a natural part of our human experience. 

So if we want to live a more abundant life, the task isn’t to establish or strengthen our connection with abundance. Instead it’s to get all of the junk out of the way that is interrupting the connection we already have. And that takes the form of doing the work - Getting clear on what you want and taking faithful action toward it, healing your mind, asking for help, and silencing the ego. You’re just getting in your own way, that’s all it is, but here’s the best part about it… You can fix that!

To finish here I want to ask you a question - How are you keeping yourself from having what you want?

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