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July 12, 2018

Will Power Workouts

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Will power. It’s something you’re either born with, or your not, right?  Wrong!  Studies show that will power is actually utilized like a muscle, and that it depletes in strength when you use it just like a muscle does.  There’s a really cool study done at Case Western University that I want to quickly share.  One group of participants were asked to eat a cookie, and another group was asked to eat a raddish with a plate of cookies next to it that they couldn’t have. Then both groups did a difficult puzzle, and the study found that those who resisted the cookie gave up sooner because they had already expended their will power.

So today’s tip is to train your will power, and there are two ways to do that, two will power workouts.  

The first workout - set yourself up for success by writing down what you need to do and when it needs to be done by.  This is like stretching your muscle and getting it ready to go.  Workout 2 is to condition yourself and build discipline.  make a plan for how you can tackle the task gradually and follow through with it.  

I’m feeling stronger already!  Give those two exercises a try next time you don’t feel like doing something.

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