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April 26, 2022

Why Asking For Forgiveness Works

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You’ve probably heard the expression “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” before, but I think the most fundamental element of it isn’t completely understood. Not only that, but I think once we become aware of this underlying principle it can easily translate into many other areas of life.

The idea behind asking for forgiveness is that you’Ve committed to doing something. You’ve decided that it’s important to you, it’s the right decision, and despite the potential for consequences you want to move forward with it. What’s powerful about this is that the conviction and certainty you have about your next steps actually helps for that reality to materialize in your life.

The instant something comes to mind as an idea, or something that could be a part of your future, it becomes a possibility. When you commit to pursuing that possibility it then becomes a probability. By asking for forgiveness not only are you taking action to convert the possibility into a probability, but you’re increasing the likelihood that it will happen because you’re pursuing it without restriction.

With that understanding, where else can this concept apply? It’s saying things like “Thank you in advance” or “When I write my book…” which communicates certainty and an expectancy about the future. Your confidence about what will be in the future literally changes the odds of the present. And with better odds, you’re that much more likely to create the future you’re dreaming of.

With that in mind let’s integrate this into your life today - What are you committed to making happen? Say it to yourself as if there’s no doubt about it.

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